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  1. 2021 TP Davis "The study of variability in engineering design - another look at Jim Morrison's seminal 1957 paper - an appreciation and a retrospective" Data-centric engineering - (to appear) Available in Arxiv here

  2. 2020: TP Davis "Reliability Disasters - a follow up to Doganaksoy, Meeker, & Hahn". Quality Progress - (to appear)  a pre-print is available on my ResearhGate page and also at ArXiv here

  3. 2019: P Pountney and TP Davis "Modelling vehicle repair counts for in-service times beyond the warranty period using a non-homogeneous Poisson process" - In preparation.

  4. 2018: TP Davis "Failure mode avoidance in product engineering using the FMEA" - text book in preparation

  5. 2017: TP Davis. Obituary - SJ (Jim) Morrison, Journal of the Royal Statistical Society Series A, Volume 180, Issue 1 pp 348-350

  6. 2017: TP Davis. Discussion: "Bayesian Reliability - combining information"  Quality Engineering, Volume 29, Number 1, pp 130-136.

  7. 2015: A. Saxena, T Davis, J.Jones A Failure Mode Avoidance Approach to Reliability - 2015 IEEE Reliability and Maintainability symposium - proceedings

  8. 2014: Church, T Davis, H Glover, S Lewis R Poppleton, H Rees "Factors which may affect malnutrition in Stroke Sufferers within a Hospital Setting"  - submitted to the journal Stroke

  9. 2014: W Shen, T Davis, D Lin, & C Nachtsheim. "Dimensional analysis and its applications in statistics". Journal of Quality Technology, Vol 46 No.3 pp 185-198.
  10. 2013: TP Davis. "Dimensional analysis in statistical engineering". Technometrics, Vol55(3) 271-274. (Click here for a longer version of this paper, which has also been uploaded to
  11. 2011: DD Frey & TP Davis. “FMEA – Failure Mode & Effect Avoidance”. In preparation.
  12. 2008: TP Davis, A Moynihan, TJ Sparrow, RR Morrison, and G Stork. “Method of time-in-service reliability concern resolution”, U.S. Patent # 7,359,832 B2.
  13. 2008: Krivtsov, VV , IM Kolmanovsky and TP Davis. “A constrained quadratic spline as a model for the cumulative hazard function”, Int. J. Reliability and Safety, Vol. 2, No. 3, pp.170-178. Download a pre-print here.
  14. 2006: TP Davis. “Symmetry in engineering”. Unpublished.
  15. 2006: DP Clausing, TP Davis, and DD Frey. “System Reliability”. Unpublished.
  16. 2006: TP Davis. “Science, engineering, and statistics”. Applied Stochastic Models in Business and Industry, Vol. 22, Issue 5-6, pp401-430. Download the longer (unpublished) version here.
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