Some of my Favourite Records

The fact that I use the term "records" shows my age. This list is not complete - and I change my mind all the time about what my favourite music is. But these are the records that I seem to return to the most often. If you click on each album cover it will take you to the Wikipedia page for the album

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Elvis Costello and the Attractions - Get Happy! 1980. F-Beat Records (Cat. No. XXLPI)

Track listing;

1. I can't stand up for falling down, 2. Black & white world, 3. 5ive gears in reverse, 4. B Movie, 5. Motel matches, 6. Human touch, 7. Beaten to the punch, 8. Temptation, 9. I stand accused, 10. Riot act, 11. Love for tender, 12. Opportunity, 13. The imposter, 14. Secondary modern, 15. King horse, 16. Posession, 17. Man called uncle, 18. Clowntime is over, 19. New Amsterdam, 20. High Fidelity.

Elvis Costello and the Attractions - Trust, 1981. F-Beat Records (Cat No. XXLPII)

Track listing;

1. Clubland, 2. Lovers walk, 3. You'll never be a man, 4. Pretty words, 5. Strict time, 6. Luxembourg, 7. Watch your step, 8. New lace sleeves, 9. From a whisper to a scream, 10. Different finger, 11. White knuckles, 12. Shot with his own gun, 13. Fish 'n' chip paper, 14. Big sister's clothes

Chris Bell – I am the cosmos. RYKO (Cat No. RCD 10222) 

Track listing;

1. I am the cosmos, 2. Better save yourself, 3. Speed of sound, 4. Get away, 5. You and your sister, 6. Make a scene, 7. Look up, 8. I got kinda lost, 9. There was a light, 10. Fight at the table, 11. I don’t know, 12. Though I know she lies, 13. I am the cosmos (slow version), 14. You and your sister (country version), 15. You and your sister (acoustic version)

Peter Gabriel - So, 1986,.Virgin Records (Cat No PG5) 

Track listing;

1. Red rain, 2. Sledgehammer, 3. Don't give up, 4. That voice again, 5. In your eyes, 6. Mercy Street, 7. Big time, 8. We do what we're told (milgram's 37). 

Here I am with Peter Gabriel at Knebworth in 1978 (click on the photo to enlarge it). This photo appears in the definitive Genesis biography I Know What I Like, by Armando Gallo

Armando sent me the following message (April 2002):.Hi Tim! I was always wondering who will be the first fan to claim his place in the book. Believe it or not - you are the first! In 22 years!!! One Love, Armando Gallo.

Graham Parker & the Rumour - Squeezing Out Sparks, 1979, Mercury Records (Cat No.9102 030) 

Track listing;

1. Discovering Japan, 2. Local Girls, 3. Nobody hurts you, 4. You can't be too strong, 5. Passion is no ordinary word, 6. Saturday nite is dead, 7. Love gets you twisted, 8. Protection, 9. Waiting for the UFO's, 10. Don't get excited.

Paul Simon - Graceland, 1986. Warner Brothers. (Cat. No. 925 447-1) 

Track listing;

1. The boy in the bubble, 2. Graceland, 3. I know what I know, 4. Gumboots, 5. Diamonds on the soles of her shoes, 6. You can call me Al, 7. Under African Skies, 8. Homeless, 9. Crazy Love, Vol II, 10. That was your mother, 11. All around the world or The myth of fingerprints.

Faith Brothers - A Human Sound, 1987. Siren Records (Cat. No. SRN LP 9)

Track listing;

1. With no constitution but my own, 2. That's just the way it is with me, 3. Saint of contradiction, 4. You can't go home again, 5. Isolato, 6. Dancing with Peter Pan's shadow, 7. Consider me, 8. A welcome pain, 9. May your children speak well of you, mother tongue, 10. A boy and the river.

Message from Billy Franks:

Tim, Thanks for the listing..!

Billy Franks (billy at

Oasis - (What's the story) Morning Glory, 1995. Creation Records (Cat. No. CRE CD 189). 

Track listing;

1. Hello, 2. Roll with it, 3.Wonderwall, 4. Don't look back in anger, 5. Hey now!, 6. , 7. Some might say, 8. Cast no shadow, 9. She's electric, 10. Morning glory, 11. , 12. Champagne supernova.

Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers - Greatest Hits, 1993. MCA (Cat .No.MCD10964). 

Track listing;

1. American girl, 2. Breakdown, 3. Anything that's rock & roll, 4. Listen to her heart, 5. I need to know, 6. Refugee, 7. Don't do me like that, 8. Even the losers, 9. Here comes my girl, 10. The waiting, 11. You got lucky, 12. Don't come round here no more, 13. I won't back down, 14. Runnin' down a dream, 15. Free fallin', 16. Learning to fly, 17. Into the great wide open, 18. Mary Jane's last dance, 19. Something in the air.

Fleetwood Mac - Rumours, 1977. Warner Brothers (Cat. No. 7599-27313-2) 

Track listing;

1. Second hand news, 2. Dreams, 3. Never going back again, 4. Don't stop, 5. Go your own way, 6. Songbird, 7. The chain, 8. You make lovin' fun, 9. I don't want to know, 10. Oh daddy, 11. Gold dust woman.

REM - Automatic for the people, 1992, Warner Brother Records (Cat. No. 9362-45055-2)

Track listing;

1. Drive, 2. Try not to breathe, 3. The sidewinder sleeps tonite, 4. Everybody hurts, 5. New Orleans instrumental no. 1, 6. Sweetness follows, 7. Monty got a raw deal, 8. Ignoreland, 9. Star me kitten, 10. Man on the moon, 11. Nightswimming, 12. Find the river.

matchbox 20 – yourself or someone like you, 1996, Lava Records (Cat. No. 92721-2) 

Track listing;

1. real world, 2. long day, 3. 3 am, 4. push, 5. girl like that, 6. back 2 good, 7. damn, 8. argue, 9. kody, 10. busted, 11. shame, 12. hang.

Elton John - Madman across the water 1971, DJM Records (Cat. No.DJLPH 420)

Track listing

1. Tiny Dancer 2. Levon 3. Razor Face  4.Madman across the water 5. Indian Sunset 6. Holiday Inn  7. Rotten Peaches  8. All the nasties  9. Goodbye

David Bowie - "Heroes" 1977 RCA (Cat. No. PL12522)                                                

Track Listing

1. Beauty and the beast  2.Joe the lion  3. "Heroes"  4. Sons of the Silent age  5. Blackout  6. V-2 Schneider  7. Sense of doubt  8. Moss garden  9. Neuköln  10. The secret life of Arabia

 Dr. John Cooper Clarke - Walking back to Happiness 1979 Epic (Cat. No. JCC 1)

Note: This is a very rare copy of the 10" album on clear vinyl which I bought in 1979 and signed by JCC himself after I met him backstage after a gig on October 12, 2017 at the University of Warwick Arts Centre, so it only took me 38 years to get to see him

Track Listing 

1. Gaberdine Angus 2. Majorca 3. Bronze Adonis  4. Spilt Beans 5. Twat  6. The Pest            7. Nothing  8. Limbo 9. Who Stole the Marble Index? 10. Gimmix Play Loud   

Joy Division - Closer 1980 Factory Records (Cat No. FACT 25)

Track Listing

1. Atrocity Exhibition 2. Isolation 3. Passover 4.Colony 5. A means to an end  

6. Heart and Soul 7. Twenty Four Hours 8. The Eternal 9. Decades

James Taylor - Greatest Hits. 1976. Warner Brothers (Cat. No. 3113-2)

Track listing;

1. Something in the way she moves, 2. Carolina on my mind, 3. Fire and rain, 4. Sweet baby James, 5. Country road, 6. You've got a friend, 7. Don't let me be lonely tonight, 8. Walking man, 9. How sweet it is (to be loved by you), 10. Mexico, 11. Shower the people, 12. Steamroller.

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