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    1. 2021 TP Davis Obituary - Richard Parry-Jones. Journal of the Royal Statistical Society Series A, Volume 183, to appear

    2. 2021 TP Davis "The study of variability in engineering design - another look at Jim Morrison's seminal 1957 paper - an appreciation and a retrospective" Data-centric engineering Vol 2 e3 Open access.

    3. 2020: TP Davis "Reliability Disasters - a follow up to Doganaksoy, Meeker, & Hahn". Quality Progress - (to appear) a pre-print is available on my ResearhGate page and also at ArXiv here

    4. 2019: P Pountney and TP Davis "Modelling vehicle repair counts for in-service times beyond the warranty period using a non-homogeneous Poisson process" - In preparation.

    5. 2018: TP Davis "Failure mode avoidance in product engineering using the FMEA" - text book in preparation

    6. 2017: TP Davis. Obituary - SJ (Jim) Morrison, Journal of the Royal Statistical Society Series A, Volume 180, Issue 1 pp 348-350

    7. 2017: TP Davis. Discussion: "Bayesian Reliability - combining information" Quality Engineering, Volume 29, Number 1, pp 130-136.

    8. 2015: A. Saxena, T Davis, J.Jones A Failure Mode Avoidance Approach to Reliability - 2015 IEEE Reliability and Maintainability symposium - proceedings

    9. 2014: M Church, T Davis, H Glover, S Lewis R Poppleton, H Rees "Factors which may affect malnutrition in Stroke Sufferers within a Hospital Setting" - submitted to the journal Stroke

  1. 2014: W Shen, T Davis, D Lin, & C Nachtsheim. "Dimensional analysis and its applications in statistics". Journal of Quality Technology, Vol 46 No.3 pp 185-198.

  2. 2013: TP Davis. "Dimensional analysis in statistical engineering". Technometrics, Vol55(3) 271-274. (Click here for a longer version of this paper, which has also been uploaded to

  3. 2011: DD Frey & TP Davis. “FMEA – Failure Mode & Effect Avoidance”. In preparation.

  4. 2008: TP Davis, A Moynihan, TJ Sparrow, RR Morrison, and G Stork. “Method of time-in-service reliability concern resolution”, U.S. Patent # 7,359,832 B2.

    1. 2008: Krivtsov, VV , IM Kolmanovsky and TP Davis. “A constrained quadratic spline as a model for the cumulative hazard function”, Int. J. Reliability and Safety, Vol. 2, No. 3, pp.170-178. Download a pre-print here.

  5. 2006: TP Davis. “Symmetry in engineering”. Unpublished.

  6. 2006: DP Clausing, TP Davis, and DD Frey. “System Reliability”. Unpublished.

  7. 2006: TP Davis. “Science, engineering, and statistics”. Applied Stochastic Models in Business and Industry, Vol. 22, Issue 5-6, pp401-430. Download the longer (unpublished) version here.

  1. 2004: TP Davis and J Champkin. "Driving out failure", Significance, Vol 2, #3, pp77-80.

  1. 2002: Krivtsov, VV, Tananko, DE, and Davis, TP. “A regression approach to tire reliability analysis”, Reliability Engineering & System Safety, volume 78, number 3, pp 267-273.

  2. 2002: Krivtsov, VV, Tananko, DE., and Davis, TP. (2002), “Application of Proportional Hazard Model to Tire Design Analysis”, in Statistical and Analytical Methods in Automotive Engineering, Professional Engineering Publishing, Inc., pp. 237-244.

    1. 2000: AJ Lawrance & TP Davis. "Engine Mapping : A Two-Stage Regression Approach Based on Spark Sweeps." In Statistics for Engine Optimization, edited by S Edwards, HP Wynn and DM Grove, Professional Engineering Publishing, IMechE, London.

  1. 1999: R Parry-Jones, (with TP Davis, G Green). Engineering for corporate success in the new millennium. Royal Academy of Engineering. ISBN 1 871634 83 0. (NOTE: The link here takes you to an updated version of the lecture given at NorthWestern University in 2001, which contains more case studies than the original lecture at the Royal Academy of Engineering in 1999)

  2. 1999: TP Davis. "A simple method for estimating the joint failure time and failure mileage distribution from automobile warranty data." Ford Technical Journal Vol. 2, #6.

  3. 1998: TP Davis. "The fallacy of reliability prediction in automotive engineering". Automotive Excellence, Spring 1998, pages 19-21, The American Society for Quality. (See also follow up correspondence in the Summer 1998 edition).

  4. 1998: T Holliday, AJ Lawrance, & TP Davis. "Engine mapping experiments: a two-stage regression approach". Technometrics, Vol. 40 #2, pages120-126.

  5. 1998: TP Davis & NR Draper. "Fitting third order terms in Box-Behnken experiments". University of Wisconsin, Department of Statistics, Technical Report #990.

  6. 1996: T Holliday, AJ Lawrance, & TP Davis. "A non-linear two-stage approach to engine mapping". Proceedings of the 11'th International Workshop on Statistical Modelling, Orvieto, Italy, pp208-215.

  7. 1996: TP Davis, DM Grove, NR Draper, & L Pozueta. "A note on the 3^(4-1) design". Unpublished.

  8. 1995: TP Davis & NR Draper. "A note on 3-level remnant designs". University of Wisconsin, Department of Statistics, Technical Report #954.

  9. 1995: TP Davis. "An analysis of an experiment aimed at improving the reliability of transmission centre shafts" Lifetime Data Analysis, Vol. 1, pages 275-306.

  10. 1995: AJ Combes & TP Davis. "Pictures from data: making good statistical analysis accessible". In Total Quality Management; proceedings of the First World Congress, Edited by Gopal Kanji, Chapman & Hall.

  11. 1994: L Pozueta, DM Grove, TP Davis & NR Draper. "Isolation of degrees of freedom for Box-Behnken designs (Part 2)". University of Wisconsin, Department of Statistics, Technical Report, #912.

  12. 1994: T.P. Davis. "Reliability and robustness engineering: a technical overview". In Reliability and robust design, Ford 2000 conference on integration of quality methods, pages 12-42.

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  15. 1992: DM Grove and TP Davis. Engineering, Quality, and Experimental Design, Longman Scientific and Technical, Harlow, UK. (re-printed 1995, 1997, & 1998). You can find independent reviews of the book in the journal Technometrics, Vol.35, #4 (Nov. 1993), on pages 454 - 455, and in the Journal of the American Statistical Association, March, 1994, pages 360 - 361.

  16. 1991: TP Davis. "Statistical methods in quality engineering". In Total quality in the automotive industry: strategies, methods, practices, Conference Proceedings, ATA, Torino, Italy.

  17. 1991: DM Grove & TP Davis. "Taguchi's idle column method", Technometrics, Vol. 33, pages 349-353.

  18. 1991: TP Davis. "Competing risk survival analysis - theory and industrial applications". PhD. Thesis, University of Birmingham, UK.

  19. 1989: TP Davis & G Basnett. "An experiment on a welding process". The Professional Statistician, Vol. 8, pages 10-12.

  20. 1989: TP Davis & AJ Lawrance. "The likelihood for competing risk survival analysis". Scandinavian Journal of Statistics, Vol. 16, pages 23-28.

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