In August 2013 I had a spontaneous iCAD stroke, over the next few weeks I've added some modest experiences to this page to help fellow survivors, and from time-to time I'll keep adding things. In the meantime, if you are a stroke survivor please feel free to get in touch (my contact details are on my home page) - I am a member of the Different Strokes group on Facebook

I had my stroke while on my bicycle and at the time I had an App running on my phone - you can see the data here, and for all the data geeks out there - you can work out where I had my stroke and how long it took the ambulance to arrive.

I was very well looked after for the two months I spent in the Royal Leamington Spa Rehabilitation Hospital (now called the Central England Rehabilitation Unit). I helped some of my carers write a paper on factors which may affect malnutrition in stroke sufferers within a hospital setting" - which we have submitted to the journal Stroke

My greatest difficulty is the fact that I only have the use of my right hand side upper limb. My left arm and hand are essentially non functional and are now just along for the ride. I have some aids in my kitchen to help me to cook - search for disability cooking aids on Amazon . Shoe-laces are another problem so elasticated shoe-laces are a god-send, and e-bay is the go to place for those.

I also recommend that you check out Rosanna Radding's site ( she is a stroke survivor who like me has a non functional upper limb.

Central England Rehabilitation Unit