Business Partners

RPJ Consulting Ltd. was owned by Richard Parry-Jones CBE, former Group Vice-President of Product Development & Quality and CTO of the Ford Motor Company. Richard's company specialised in providing leading strategic and technology thinking to a blue chip client base across the automotive, transport, and energy sectors, offering collaborative advice on business strategy and investment evaluation. Occasionally these projects involved rigorous data research and analysis, including sophisticated statistical engineering techniques, which is where I came in. Richard Parry-Jones died on April 16 2021, you can find my obituary of him here.

... are a team of mathematicians and developers delivering high accuracy predictive analytics in the areas of Health Automotive Warranty, and crime statistics. I am the Chief Analytics Officer.

I am an Associate of Wilde Analysis which is a multi-disciplined engineering consultancy organization providing FEA, CFD & Reliability Engineering, simulation software training and consultancy services.

Innovensys is a young leading-edge training and consulting company run by some former colleagues of mine from Ford Werke AG, and are based near Köln, Germany. We are currently collaborating on teaching aspects of Failure Mode Avoidance.

Huw Williams Consulting is run by my friend and former Office of the Technical Fellow member, Huw Williams. Huw and I collaborate on various projects, providing mutual help and support in our consulting and teaching.